Image Chest makes sharing images easy. It can be used to share pictures with friends, as well as post images on forums, blogs, or social media. You can also view popular posts submitted by other users.

The maximum file size you can upload is 20MB.
Image descriptions may use most BBCode. Some codes such as sizing, youtube, or images are disabled.
Images are currently kept forever. We will notify users via e-mail if the need changes in the future.
After creating a post, you can publish your image to the community. Published posts are able to be browsed by others and will show up on the front page.
50 image scan be uploaded at one time. If you need more, you can add them to the post once it is created.
The menu on the right side of your post will have a delete option as long as you just created it, or if you created it under a registered account and are logged in to that account. A deletion URL is provided for any post as well, if you'd like to save it in case you'd like to delete a post at a later time. This is especially helpful for users without accounts.
Public can be viewed by anyone, and is available via search and will show up on the front page.
Hidden can only be accessed via the url, it will not show up in search or be on the front page.
Secret can only be accessed by the user that created it. It does not show up in search or the front page.