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Optimizations and CDN - Update 5

There has been a lot of updating going on the past couple weeks, though most of it has been behind the scenes optimizing everything as we monitor the site. Highlights include:
  • Anyone can download a zip archive of a post.
  • Images are now stored on a CDN, which should increase performance all around as images will load from a server closer to you. This also allows us to increase storage on-demand without needing to monitor our usage.
  • A lot of code cleanup and optimizations have gone on behind the scenes to help ensure the speed of the application is maintained at a high level.

As always,  we want to just thank everyone for the support so far, and if you have any questions or comments please contact us. We love feedback.

Update 4

A few updates over the past week, based off a bit of user feedback. Updates include:

  •  You can upload a maximum of 50 images at once. With this change, you can add more images to a post after it has been created. You may also now delete images from your post. Adjusting limits is potentially ongoing as we analyze data.
  • Image descriptions may now contain most BBCode to allow some formatting such as bold, or lists. Please note that not all BBCode works, it is mainly just formatting related codes. Codes such as youtube, code or quote blocks, and image codes do not work.
  • Your posts are quite large already, which is fantastic. We are now showing the first 10 images, and the rest can be loaded with the click of a button.

Please keep the feedback coming while we continue to make improvements. We greatly appreciate the support thus far.

Update 3

A lot of improvements since last time, including things you folks can see, and behind the scenes stuff. Keep the feedback coming, we appreciate everyone's contributions thus far. Notable updates are:

  • Site search. This will search titles and tags.
  • Image upload optimizations. The process of creating a post should be much quicker now.
  • NSFW Tag. The TOS has been updated to only exclude involuntary nudity/pornography. As long as an adult post is tagged NSFW, it may be uploaded and/or published. NSFW flags have been added to the account tab in your profile to enable viewing these posts and thumbnails. They do not show up in the community by default.

Updates - New Features

It's been a busy couple weeks at Image Chest fine tuning quite a bit of the site as you folks start to use it during this soft launch. We've received some great feedback so far and hope we can continue to roll forward and provide useful features the community wants. Below are some highlights of what we added or fixed recently:

  • Image descriptions can now have proper line breaks.
  • Posts can be marked as a favorite. You can see all your favorites on your profile.
  • Posts now contain deletion URLs. This is handy for anonymous users to be able to delete their posts later.
  • The first image in a post will now be the thumbnail. Simply re-order your post to change the thumbnail.
  • Comments can be upvoted or downvoted and will be sorted by score as a result.
  • You can download a zip file of the images in your post via the tools menu.
  • You can view a public profile page for any user by clicking their name in a post or by browsing to

Please don't hesitate to report any bugs or provide feedback via our contact form.

Thanks for using Image Chest!

Welcome to Image Chest!

This blog will be a way to communicate with the user base about new features or anything else happening with Image Chest.
The site is currently in beta until the current feature list is implemented and some of the existing features are improved.

If you have any thoughts on features or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us. User feedback is very important during this development phase.