API and More!

API and More!

I've got big news for you folks, and a huge item is knocked off the list. The start of the Image Chest API has been implemented.
The Image Chest API allows you to interact with the site via a standardized programming interface.

Eventually, the API will contain a lot more options, but currently it does let you retrieve details about a specific post, as well as create a new post. This allows you to use tools such as ShareX, or your own implementations from your favorite programming language. You can find all the details in the API Documents.

Other highlights include:
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when re-arranging a post where the user had deleted an image.
  • Posts can now be viewed in grid mode. There is an eye icon at the top by the user to switch between grid or vertical view. Grid view loads all images in the post as thumbnails. This is useful for posts with a lot of images. You can also append ?grid to any post as well to achieve the effect.

As usual,  please contact us if you have any questions, comments, or thoughts on improving the site. 

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