API Updates And The Future

API Updates And The Future

It's been a wild month since Imgur first announced changes to their terms.

The biggest stat that I keep coming back to is that more files were uploaded in the 3 weeks following that announcement than had been uploaded in the entirety of Image Chest's existence.
There were a couple small bumps in the road, but overall the site and infrastructure held up well, and we've since made improvements to both the code and infrastructure.
In case you missed it, we now allow MP4 uploads, and also bumped up the size of files from 20MB to 30MB. We will be leaving the images at 30MB for now, but will be bumping up video sizes soon.

I am humbled, and greatly appreciative of everyone who has given Image Chest a shot. I am dedicated to keeping Image Chest free, and open, as the internet should be; and implementing features based on user feedback and my own roadmap for the site.

I sent out an e-mail earlier today but wanted to note here that we had to change how we handle API tokens, which means that anyone utilizing the API will need to generate a new token to access the API. This is all part of the ground work to build out Android and iOS apps in the short term and I figured it best to get this part over with sooner than later. My apologies for the inconvenience, I know that this isn't an optimal situation.

Please don't hesitate to reach out via the contact form or join us on Discord if you have any questions.

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