The MP4 Update

The MP4 Update

It's been a hectic week with all of the recent announcements around the web and I appreciate the patience while we ensure we're running optimally.
We've upgraded infrastructure, squashed bugs, and are rolling out new features.

Speaking of which, MP4s have been requested for some time, and most of the logic was there since we were already converting gifs when uploaded.
This has been fleshed out more and mp4 is now a supported upload type. These videos have the same constraints as images, so they can be up to 20mb for now. As we monitor the performance over the coming days we will likely bump the file size up to 30mb.

If you have any questions, feedback, or just want to chat, don't hesitate to reach out via e-mail, comment here, or join us on the Discord server.

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Am I crazy, or does your username no longer show on the album when you upload a post? An absolutely fantastic change if so. It felt pointless to log out to upload truly anon.

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Problem: Unable to delete a video when it is added to an album. The small blue button does not work. Forced to restart the entire album 🫣

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