Description Pursue the ancient Crown of Kings in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Cartridge. You control a three person party equipped with three arrows apiece, though more arrows can be found on your quest. Quest over the land of Cloudy Mountain and explore caves with many enemies that try to stop your progress. There are four difficulty levels.

Trivia Advanced Dungeons & Dragons was an Intellivision game, one of the first Advanced Dungeons & Dragons games to be officially licensed by TSR, Inc.. It was later retitled to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Cloudy Mountain to distinguish it from the sequel, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin.

Size First Intellivision cartridge to exceed 4K. The game ended up being 6K.

Title The all-capitalization and the word "cartridge" are actually part of the title, as required by the contract with TSR Hobbies, owners of the Dungeons & Dragons trademark.

Alternate Titles "Crown of Kings" -- Intellivision Lives! compilation title (DS version) "Adventure" -- Working Title "ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS CLOUDY MOUNTAIN Cartridge" -- 1983 re-release

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