Mystery of Munroe Manor/The Case of the Mad Mummy - Video Game From The Early 80's

Famed sleuth Basil Byron has been asked to investigate the recent strange behavior of British adventurer Lord Munroe, who has disappeared from public life two years ago after returning from an expedition to Egypt. At that time, he shunned reporters and quickly fled the docks in a private coach, bringing with him a large cargo of crates, sea chests, and artifacts. Rumors suggest that he fled to his country estate in the west. Basil must search Castle Kreep where he resided, searching for clues regarding Munroe's behavior, as to his whereabouts.

The Case of the Mad Mummy is a graphic adventure game where the player has to enter one- or two-word commands at the prompt. Some of the commands recognized by the game include LOOK, GET, READ, DROP, and GO, and directions can be abbreviated (eg: N/S/E/W). The player can find out what exits are visible, and what objects they are carrying.

Alternate Titles
"The Case of the Mad Mummy" -- Australian title

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