New Clip Day - Deep carry clip with magnets bound by heat shrink tubing on Convoy S21A

Wanted to try a deep carry clip that used the lanyard holes because I suspected the clip I got from Convoy was lessening the current because the tailcap wasn't being screwed tightly enough because of the clip's arms.

(Like 10% of the time, on an almost fully-charged battery, it was blinking then instantly going to low mode on supposed 100% mode)

Inspired by posts:

I used double sided tape to secure some old and rusty phone flip case magnets onto the "titanium" clip I got. Seems light enough and wasn't too expensive.

Bottom pic shows the old clip that I had filed down and stuck magnets on using electrical tape, also inspired by a reddit post which I can't find anymore.

Unfortunately, it was actually that post with electrical tape magnets that inspired me to do this whole thing along with the heatshrinking. So please tell me what post it is so I can credit it.

The "titanium" knife clip I got from China. Seemed light and stiff.

Pliers pic shows the POV of the pliers position when I was bending the hole part to the curve of the S21A. Left pliers rolls to the left, in this case.

Left the lanyard hole uncovered because Lanyards FTW.

Lanyard also has an additional plastic thing I found on the ground to make it more secure like other tightenable lanyards.

Pic showing the finished heatshrinking, which was my first time to heatshrink. I used a lighter.

Also shown on the S21A tube is where the old clip scuffed the anodizing with its arms and tip.

Other posts of this S21A:

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