Francine Manx or any other girl from Samurai Pizza Cats being picked up and spit-roasted between two guys or just her using her tail to masturbate with.

Queen Callista from Swat Kats in a stockade or chained to a wall or in another public use type situation where she knows she's supposed to be humiliated, but instead she's really getting off on it.

Wilykat from Thundercats 2011 in slutty feminine clothing being mating pressed and cumming into his own mouth hands free. If that's too gay then him getting fucked from behind while Wilykit sucks him off.

Kitty, Katty or whoever else from Tuff Puppy in a slutty sailor scout uniform doing suggestive poses intentionally or unintentionally.

Cat Starfire from Teen Titans getting pressed against an alley wall and fucked from behind. With human Raven or anthro R63 Dex-Starr on her knees licking Stars pussy if you want to take it further.

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