Fight as either Red Beard or One Eye through various pirate themed levels, like ships and forts, and even some non-pirate themed levels, battling ninjas, skeletons, and others in a quest to get back your hard earned money from an evil wizard. You can also fight side by side with a friend (who controls the pirate you didn't choose).

Fighting works like fencing, with a few different moves to use, including parrying. The levels scroll through with a boss at the end of each. You gain money by vanquishing foes and digging for treasure where X marks the spot.

Arcade version
In the arcade version the players are also given three opportunities to change the difficulty of the game, at the end of One-Eye's Ship level and after the first two Pirate's Ship levels, and have a chance to get an opportunity item in the Castle, Ninja Lair, and Beach Cave. However the levels are forcibly played in the written sequence above. In two player, there are a few specific changes to how the game plays. Players must duel at the end of the level to see which gets the invulnerability item in the levels that have them (The non Pirate Ship levels)

Each Quarter adds 50 health points to whichever player the coin was added for. Each level has a timelimit that can be raised by finding hourglasses off killed enemies, but running out of time only results in slowly losing life and can be counteracted by putting in additional quarters.

Alternate Titles
"Skull & Crossbones"

Amstrad - C64 - Spectrum Amiga - PC - Arcade

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