Description In the year 2019 an innocent cop is accused of a crime he did not commit. Ben Richards must face his punishment in the highest rated TV game show in history, The Running Man, a prime time, real life and death struggle for survival! Television is king - you are the ultimate star.

It is time to be the Running Man. Do you have the courage?

Trivia The movie The Running Man is inspired by a novel from Stephen King published in 1982. There are many similarities between this novel and the 1958 novel The Prize of Peril, written by Robert Sheckley. In 1983, the latter was also adapted into a movie, Le Prix du Danger with Gérard Lanvin and Michel Piccoli.

[Despite the advert, the PC version never materialised]

[The MSX version was released in 1990]

Amstrad - C64 - Spectrum - Amiga - Atari ST

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