Elite Dangerous: Guardian SLF - Guardian Structure Map with Pylons Highlighted

Want the Guardian Ship-Launched Fighters? Get your ship an energy weapon, stick a Point Defense on the top, and an SRV in the hold (and enough materials to synthesize additional fuel/ammo). Go to the Guardian Beacon at NGC 2451A Sector LX-U D2-25, charge-up the three pylons on the beacon, scan the orb, and then collect the key (re-log and repeat twice more if you intend to get all 3 fighters). Then go here (Guardian Structure at NGC 2451A Sector VJ-R C4-22 - Body A1), fight off the Sentinels, charge the Pylons, eject the key, scan the Orb, fight more sentinels and gather materials. Repeat until you have all the Guardian Ship Blueprints you require (and all the materials/data to build the SLFs), then go find a Guardian Tech Broker.

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