Hunchback II: Quasimodo's Revenge - Video Game From The Early 80's

The archetype of the Hunchback of Notre Dame really isn't terribly nuanced: he jumps around towers, ringing bells, rescuing Esmeralda and being generally physically unattractive. Here he does all of these things, in a more platform-oriented take than the original, clambering up dangling ropes as they rise and fall, avoiding environmental threats such as rabid bats, thrown hatchets and enormous grinding clockwork gears all in the pursuit of small bells strewn across each screen's platforms. Gathering all the bells permits you to advance higher up the tower, at the top of which the damsel in distress awaits your homely visage.

The levels are quite different on the ZX Spectrum, which has 7 levels, compared to the other two platforms, which have 5 levels.

Martin Galway's music is featured only on the C64 version.

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