Rachel was glaring at Lisa, Brian was glaring at Lisa, hell even Alex and Aisha were glaring at Lisa. Lisa just gave a winning smile though it was a bit sickly in the face of such united opposition.

"Okay, I might have misjudged how willing Uber and Leet would be to chase us down after we raided their warehouse, and I might have misjudged their willingness to use some of Leet's tech near a school." The glares continued and Lisa felt her antenna begin to droop. "And in hindsight taunting Leet about his erectile issues in front of his live drone camera wasn't the best choice either."

Three of the glares continued while Alex barked a laugh. "Nah that part was funny" Lisa perked up a little at that.

Brian ground out. "How long, Lisa. How long are we stuck like this."

Lisa rocked back on her heels. "Well like THIS is probably going to be only a couple of days at worst." As Brian sighed she winced a bit before continuing "Buuuuttt.... it seems like when the device shorted out it did so via overcharge so every couple of days it will probably randomize us into a new form." That got all 4 glaring at her again. "And that will probably wear off after a month give or take a week."

"A MONTH!" Brian yelled in a much higher pitch "We can't do anything for a month! If we are seen like this our reputation will be in absolute tatters." The foot stomp that followed as much louder then normal and sent other things jiggling that Brian REALLY didn't want to be thinking about.

"Now, now it will be a month till we are fully back to normal but your gender should at least return faster then that!" Lisa was quick to try and mollify muttering "by maybe a few days" under her breath.

Alex gave a snort. "Whatever" as she slinked to the couch, plopping down and picking up a controller. "If you that desperate for money 'Brianna' you could also cam girl for a bit. You can probably make more on it over our usual gig. And you have two very large selling points."

Lisa was grateful she was no longer the center of Brain's attention but felt Regent's attitude wasn't helping matters. A loud slapping sound echoed through the loft with a startled yelp from Brain she grabbed her quacking ass and shot a shocked and betrayed look at her sister. Aisha simply nodded to herself. "Yeah you can make a hell of a lot with a moneymaker like that sis."

Brain just gave a frustrated bellow and stomped back to her room slamming the door. Aisha just shrugged and turned toward the couch. "Scoot over I want to play too." she demanded before heaving herself over the back of the counter and nearly crushing Alex who had to scramble out of way.

Part of Lisa wondered if Aisha and Brian family relationship cause the overlapping color scheme despite the species difference. The rest of her just rubbed her head below her antenna trying to fight off the building migraine. "This is going to be a long month."

Speaking for the first time since the incident Rachel asked "Why am I a horse...."

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