Catrina from the original 80s horse show biting her lip and rubbing ice cubes on her nipples as she bounces on a big well lubed horse dildo.

DBaru's Dominatrix Callie (left) sexually facing off against KV1NN4's Mistress Briggs (right) in a contest to see which one of them climaxes first from rough lesbian sex OR how many men they can each make cum within a certain timeframe.

(Changing up KV's design to differentiate and make it more of a belly dancer leather girl fusion or something is fine as long as the ponytail stays.)

Essie from Kingdom Chums in some mild leather or mild bondage gear eagerly servicing some older (age 30's-40's) human men.

A follow up to this with Sylvesters mom getting a deep and wet fucking complete with a massive load of cum.

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