Pick the warrior, thief, or wizard, and fight through five huge levels, each with its own boss. Your main weapons are your fists, but you can pull out weapons for quick kills. You only get so many shots with your weapon before it breaks, though.

Gameplay is basic 3D brawling. You will be attacked by one or more enemies, and will need to defend yourself, and attack back. The game features arcade and adventure modes. In the arcade mode, the levels are timed, and you only get 5 lives but you are revived where you died. In adventure mode, you get unlimited retries of each level, but must complete each level on a single life.

Note that your objective in each level is to kill every enemy; since the levels have multiple paths, you will need to backtrack often.

Soul Fighter was developed by the French company Toka with help from upstart company Piggyback Interactive. The 15-person team at Toka created the game using the 3dfx Interactive Glide API for PC hardware in the same fashion as Midway Games' San Francisco Rush, NFL Blitz, and NBA Showtime. Although Soul Fighter cannot be run with Glide on the Dreamcast, the software allowed Toka to port the game from the PC to console in less than three weeks.

Production on Soul Fighter was originally set to be finished in July 1999 with the game slated for release at the North American launch of the Dreamcast. A delay set its release back to an October ship date. After settling on a publisher in Mindscape, Soul Fighter was delayed again from an October 1999 release to the following month.

Piggyback consulted with a Japanese publisher at one point to transform Soul Fighter into an arcade game; the company had also considered a version for the PlayStation 2. A planned port of the game for the GameCube was announced but eventually cancelled.

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