Operation Wolf is an arcade game by Taito. It is essentially a bitmapped "rail-shooter", where you basically hold the gun and shoot just about everything that moves, while conserving your ammo and grenades.

Home versions
Most of [the home conversions] lacked any kind of light gun support (with the exceptions of the NES, Master System, and the ZX Spectrum, which featured Magnum Light Phaser support) and must be played with a keyboard or a controller.

If the Tandy/PCjr or CMS/GameBlaster sound modes are being used, then in game sound effects are played through the internal speaker and music is played through the sound hardware. In Adlib mode both music and sound effects are played through the sound board.

[Versions released in 1990]: FM Towns/Sega Master System/TurboGrafx-16 (PC Engine)

Alternate Titles
"Operation Wolf: Take No Prisoners" -- Tag-lined title "オペレーション・ウルフ" -- Japanese spelling

Amstrad - C64 - Spectrum Master System - NES - PC Engine PC - Amiga - Arcade

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