Super Monaco GP is a first-person perspective racing game which allows you to race other cars around the famous Monaco Grand Prix course. You first must qualify for a position on the grid by driving round a shortened version of the course on your own.

The faster you drive the higher placing on the grid. The actual race has you competing against 19 other drivers and as well as trying to beat them all you must get to checkpoints within a time limit or it is race over. You also have to stay ahead of a certain position which starts at 20th and gets lower the longer the race goes on.

In the race itself, there is also a position limit, which starts on 20th (15th in the home versions) and decreases as the player bypasses checkpoints along the track, ultimately stopping on 3rd. If the player falls behind the indicated position and does not manage to recover fast enough or crashes, it is game over.


  • It is the sequel to the 1979 arcade game Monaco GP.

  • Super Monaco GP was one of the first [arcade] games to include a rear-view mirror along with Winning Run.

Genesis version
The Sega Genesis/Mega Drive version of Super Monaco GP adds a World Championship mode. In the World Championship mode, the goal is to win a season of races, and then go on to defend the title.

The circuits are modeled on the ones used in the 1989 Formula One season, with background scenery similar to the real-world circuit venues, though without the wealth of details the Arcade version had.

This Mega Drive/Genesis version was also released in arcades for the Sega Mega-Tech system board in 1990.

Alternate Titles
"Super Monaco G.P." -- C64 + Amiga title "G.P. Mônaco" -- Brazilian Game Gear title "スーパーモナコGP" -- Japanese spelling

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