Updates - New Features

Updates - New Features

It's been a busy couple weeks at Image Chest fine tuning quite a bit of the site as you folks start to use it during this soft launch. We've received some great feedback so far and hope we can continue to roll forward and provide useful features the community wants. Below are some highlights of what we added or fixed recently:

  • Image descriptions can now have proper line breaks.
  • Posts can be marked as a favorite. You can see all your favorites on your profile.
  • Posts now contain deletion URLs. This is handy for anonymous users to be able to delete their posts later.
  • The first image in a post will now be the thumbnail. Simply re-order your post to change the thumbnail.
  • Comments can be upvoted or downvoted and will be sorted by score as a result.
  • You can download a zip file of the images in your post via the tools menu.
  • You can view a public profile page for any user by clicking their name in a post or by browsing to https://imgchest.com/u/username

Please don't hesitate to report any bugs or provide feedback via our contact form.

Thanks for using Image Chest!

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