The Comment Update

The Comment Update

Quite a lot of code pushed out to update the site over the past couple weeks.

The largest of which is a complete revamp of the comment and reply system. It looks much cleaner and ties in the user avatars as well. I carried over the system to blogs as well so these can also be commented on now.

Other update highlights include:
  • Added e-mail preferences to your profile under account. You can choose to receive or opt-out of notification e-mails from the site as well as any news or update e-mails.
  • Added an e-mail notification if a user comments on your post.
  • Added Update, Delete, Favorite, and Add Images routes to the Post API endpoint.
  • Created a User API endpoint.
  • Added a fixed footer to the home screen that goes away as you start to scroll to allow easier access to site pages.
  • Added a third status to your posts. A post can now be flagged as secret, which only allows the post creator to load the page, even if you have the url.
  • Added a biography field to your account settings that shows up on your profile.
  • Moved the social share icons to the post options ellipsis, and removed the previous and next post buttons in an effort to clean up the look of a post.
  • Added an option to search your posts in your profile. You can search post titles and ids, as well as image ids, original file names, and descriptions.
  • A status page is available to monitor the status of the site or api.
  • A lot of back end updates and improvements as far as caching goes in an effort to ensure the site is as quick as possible.

Please comment here or contact us if you have any questions or comments. We love getting user feedback as we continually work to improve the site.

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Thanks for all the hard work on the site! I've moved all of my images here from other providers.

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