Players control Frank Harris, chief of the Cool World police department. He must prevent the Doodles (evil cartoons) from stealing items from the real world and sending them to various locations in the cartoonish Cool World. Any items that have already been sent to Cool World must be returned to the real world. If too many Doodles are in the real world or too many items from the real world have been sent to Cool World, a "danger meter" increases, indicating an imbalance between the real world and the Cool World. Players must keep a balance in each level for five minutes.[3] Otherwise, Frank's associate Nails the Spider informs the player that "he blew it".

Doodles can be defeated by being turned into ink blots using Frank's pen. The player must collect coins that defeated doodles leave behind to pay for access to the game's various locations.

C64 - NES - Game Boy Atari ST - PC - SNES

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